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Afraid of the potential threat Tenma's robot son could pose to humanity, the Prime Minister of Japan orders the robot dismantled by the next night.Tenma, however, secretly finishes constructing the robot that night, only showing his two assistants that "Tobio" exists, and takes him home to raise him.Uran is Astro's naive but determined little sister. (this is shown after he saves her from becoming a slave in episode 14.) In contrast to the 1960s series, Uran occupied a less prominent position in the general storyline, and her appearance was revised to make her softer and rounder, possibly to appeal to female viewers. Ochanomizu rescues Astro Boy from Hamegg's Robot Circus. Ochanomizu is a robot rights advocate and creates the "Robot Bill of Rights", which allows robots to be of equal status of humans.

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After his fourth failed attempt, Tenma is approached by Skunk Kusai, a man who offers him an "Omega Factor" circuit which, when installed, will humanize a robot.

He is designed to look exactly like Tobio, the son of his creator. Tenma initially treated Astro like a real boy as a replacement for his son who died in a car accident.

However, Astro Boy was clumsy from his inability to control his strength. Tenma, Astro joins Hamegg's Robot Circus, where he learns to control his powers and meets Dr. He is unsure of his destiny in the beginning, but he gains confidence as the story unfolds.

Throughout the series, Atlas attempts to persuade Astro to help Atlas conquer the world.

By design, both Astro and Atlas were created from the same blueprints, and so they are considered to be brothers.

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