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An on-board, user-friendly LCD interface allows you to easily monitor, control, configure and service the library.While you are away, the tape library enables you to remotely administer all functions, including system status and logs, diagnostics and drive operations, as well as configuration and inventory management features.Occupying only four units (4U) of rack space, the library can hold up to 48 tapes providing up to 72 TB(with Ultrium LTO-5 1.5TB tapes) of native capacity — ideal for small office environments managing explosive data growth.The Power Vault TL4000 supports Ultrium LTO-5 drives—a high-speed tape technology that can natively back up an impressive 504GB of data per hour.Encryption Key Management is available with LTO-4 and LTO-5 technology for added security.If you need to back up and/ or archive and want to do it easily, affordably, and securely, the Power Vault TL4000 tape library is right for you.IT resources help minimize human error, back up data quickly and predictably, create off-site archive copies of data to meet compliance requirements, and bolster your disaster-recovery strategy.The Power Vault TL4000 tape library enables two critical dataprotection activities: backup and archiving.

WORM enables you to create data copies that cannot be overwritten, to help you comply with government and industry data-protection requirements.

The Power Vault™ TL4000 tape library offers expandable and affordable tape automation for organizations whose data-protection needs have outgrown autoloader technology or capacity.

It's the product of choice for small, medium and large businesses that require an affordable, versatile, easy-to-use, automated midrange tape backup solution.

The Power Vault TL4000 features an intuitive operator control panel, plus remote Web management — you can perform setup and diagnostics, check status, monitor operations and logs, and upgrade firmware all from any standard Web browser.

The Power Vault TL4000 tape library is delivered ready to rack mount, and packs tremendous capacity into a small package.

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