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As the novel unfolds in the course of a single weekend, (edited with Darcey Steinke) Twenty-one American writers approach “The Greatest Story Ever Told” with a fresh eye toward its meaning for today.

Seeking to reconcile their experiences growing up in the baby boom and Generation X years with their political beliefs and the fractious ethics of the late twentieth century, the writers represented in this collection have looked back to the source text of Christianity.

During one month in the autumn of election year 2000, scores of movie-business strivers are focused on one goal: getting a piece of an elusive, but surely huge, television saga, the one that opens with Huns sweeping through Mongolia and closes with a Mormon diviner in the Las Vegas desert; the sure-to-please-everyone multigenerational TV miniseries about diviners, those miracle workers who bring water to perpetually thirsty (and hungry and love-starved) humankind.

A cautionary tale about pointless ambition, and a richly detailed look at the interlocking worlds of money, politics, addiction, sex, work, and family in modern America.

I am not exactly sure what degree programs one needs to pursue in order to lay claim to the job description of Rick Moody (the basketball coach, usually associated with the University of Alabama women’s basketball program) has put in more of those classroom hours than I have. Bring on your problems, and I will listen, and bear witness, and when the occasion permits, I will respond, according to certain general rules, on this page, in this hope that here too words may be redemptive.

He, at least, can do the motivational speaking circuit based on his experiences on the court. And so: while my website is not a site in which there are going to be many direct responses from me to direct queries lodged, there are spots here, and elsewhere online, where those with an urgent need may find someone who can find me, and if there are those of you out there who are in dire need, who require advice, I say . Hello Life Coach, I lost my mother Saturday, to liver failure.

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Writing constitutes an amazing way to spend your time, it is true, and why, you ask, would I have a dream of becoming a life coach, when I could just continue on in the present way, working on books? Bring on your apraxia, or your Waldenstrom’s macroglobulinemia. Bring on your hopes and fears and joys and frustrations.

From the concentric rings of strangers passing on a New York City street to the rings of madness in a vainglorious college student’s mind, Moody opens us up to a world of frustration, yearning, lies, and neglect whose frontline soldiers are the young.

The story of Hex Radcliffe, a New York City publicist with a stutter, a drinking problem, and a terminally ill mother, who is summoned home to suburban Connecticut and finds himself confronting explosive circumstances and obstacles of comically epic proportions.

From the acclaimed Rick Moody, a darkly comic portrait of a man who comes to life in the most unexpected of ways: through his online reviews.

The puzzle of Reginald's life comes together through reviews that comment upon his motivational speaking career, the dissolution of his marriage, the separation from his beloved daughter, and his devotion to an amour known only as “K.” But when Reginald disappears, we are left with the fragments of a life—or at least the life he has carefully constructed—which writer Rick Moody must make sense of. And two years ago a good friend suggested that the absence of a Rick Moody website was “too bad,” and this friend offered up his wife, a very great designer. That there is a website now indicates mainly that there is a new book to sell (and some backlist), as there is also, in the world, a desire to find new ways to sell books, now that the going-out-on-the-road part of the whole process has been somewhat debunked.

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