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Fear can make you faster, and cleverer and stronger. Because didnt anybody ever tell you, fear is a superpower? The city is noted for its culture, Renaissance art and architecture and monuments.Florence originated as a Roman city, and later, after a long period as a flourishing trading and banking medieval commune, it was the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance. The Doctor: When they died, that part of me died with them. But that's not dying, 'cos a better world takes its place. Almost all the writers and poets in Italian literature of the golden age are in some way connected with Florence, leading ultimately to the adoption of the Florentine dialect, above all the local dialects, as a literary language of choice.

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He told me, all those years ago, that we'll only meet again this one time, on the night I die. Billy: It's kept me going; I'm an old sick man but I've had something to look forward to.

According to the Encyclopædia Britannica, it was politically, economically, and culturally one of the most important cities in Europe and the world from the 14th to 16th centuries.

The language spoken in the city during the 14th century was, and still is, accepted as the Italian language.

Two members of the family were popes in the early 16th century: Leo X and Clement VII.

Catherine de Medici married king Henry II of France and, after his death in 1559, reigned as regent in France.

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