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Because of these concerns, employers often establish BYOD terms or policies that can have a surprising and significant impact on employee privacy.

While "bringing your own device" is common, allowing employees to use personal devices for business purposes can expose employers to many risks.

In the not too distant past, employees had no choice but to work at a company's office or on a company laptop or phone.

This Fact Sheet addresses reasons employers have BYOD policies, some practices employees may encounter, and some of the common concerns and privacy risks that employees face when considering whether to participate in an employer's BYOD policy. This is largely because employers lose control when employees use their own devices and networks to store and transmit company data.

What might employees expect to find in BYOD policies? Permitted and prohibited uses, devices, and software B. Explanation of available/required technical support D. If an employer doesn't offer employees the option to use a company smartphone, tablet, or laptop, employees may still want the option to work remotely.

Others may prefer a specific technology or brand, or simply be annoyed by having to carry multiple devices.

Malicious software (malware) also threatens device and data security.

Bring your own device ("BYOD") policies are making a significant impact on the workplace.

This work could include accessing work files, the company network, the phone system, emails, and even contacts.

Which laws apply will depend on the nature of the employer's business and what kind of data it collects, stores, and uses. When an employee loses a device he uses for both work and personal purposes (or if someone steals it), the employer faces a security risk.

Some industries, such as healthcare and finance, are subject to more legal obligations than others. Many company security breaches result from lost or stolen devices.

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