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Too much of the data compilation is currently being done by individual scientists or science teams on short-term funding; too much of the work of data stewardship is currently being done . Thus, we must hope that the new International Science Council will make the practical issues of data stewardship in the 21st century a major focus of its work.And then we really will have something to celebrate next summer!The overall aim of this project was to identify principles and policy actions that can enable the establishment and maintenance of effective international data networks that are necessary to support a ...Proposals are invited for sessions at Sci Data Con 2018: The Digital Frontiers of Global Science .One of the ways to think about the data collecting process is by using a format: a Data Management Plan (DMP).These formats come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the research discipline, requirements from the research funder, and local initiatives. It helps the researcher identify and list the risks with regard to management of research data during the entire research process.

The new organization—which will be called the International Science Council and which should come into being in summer 2018—will serve as a single, global voice for science and will help to provide the evidence base for, and coordinate action on, issues of public concern.

Whether your research is performed in a lab, in the field, or at the office, and with a large or small team, it inevitably involves research information, or data.

These data are valuable, and deserve to be properly managed.

The mission of the World Data System is, of course, to provide an umbrella for data stewards worldwide and to champion new and better ways of ensuring the continuance of our data infrastructure.

But there is still a long way to go to ensure both the continued funding for the many organizations that are part of this landscape and that these organizations continue to adopt and promote best data practices.

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