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Series creator Hideaki Anno was extensively interviewed by the video game developers, so the information contained within the "Classified Information" files should probably be considered "second-tier" canon.We hear about B and D Type Equipment in the series.But even if there's 5 Pilots at Nerv, it seems like Shinji aboard the EVA-01 will be the only one deployed in battle, so be prepared for some tough battles.The Angels appear at random order, and it looks like EVA-01 may turn Berserk more often.In his Scenario, you must get ALL the "Classified Information" files.That's right: all 4 levels of information for all 24 subjects.2nd is set in the alternate universe seen in episode 26 of the show; the player controls Shinji Ikari as he navigates his home, school, and social life in a now-peaceful "Tokyo-3".

He's just a regular junior high school student that lives with transfer student Asuka and their guardian Misato (Misato is the only adult in this scenario).In this Scenario, he will undertake an investigation, trying to understand what happened to his love interest: Yui Ikari. Or maybe it is because of the tasks that Ritsuko has just asked her to do, related to Nerv's deepest secrets... Despite considering Hyuga a good friend, she is more interested in Kaji, with whom she is investigating Nerv's deepest secrets.Because of this, Hyuga is worried abour his love interest.This Scenario is not very difficult, although there are lots of scenes to activate.It is a rather light-hearted Scenario, like a high school comedy.

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