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A school for the kids everyone else had given up on.When problematic behavior at school and at home persisted, Liz was eventually sent to a stricter lockdown. “I remember her family being that sort of American pie sweet that contrasted her dark side.The first article popped up a little less than a year after I first searched Liz’s name. “Since 2007, cops say Elizabeth Barrer has been a pivotal force in the drug network. Marshals are hoping to track down one of their biggest drug kingpins and need your help to capture her.” It just couldn’t be Liz. Maybe I could have convinced myself it wasn’t her, if it weren’t for that smile.I’m not certain whether I had missed the article or if the paper had just put their archives online, but it was 2013 when I found an article from 2008, in a local newspaper in Fredricksburg, Virginia. Authorities believe Barrer launders funds for drugs purchased across the US/Canada border and into Ukraine. She wasn’t smiling in the photo, but Liz was always smiling a little bit. In the days that followed, more information came, and room for disbelief diminished. “Yeah,” she wrote, “that’s definitely her.” Queenpin. Liz was wanted by the Spotsylvania Sheriffs Department, and by the U. Marshals for trafficking large amounts of marijuana through the United States/Canadian border.I was back in the real world trying to establish my identity in a new high school but camp was always on the periphery. I remember almost everything about the room and the bed Liz and I slept in. * * * hen I searched for her fifteen years after that weekend, I discovered that Liz had no Facebook page. Maybe she’d turned luddite or anarchist, hippie or Christian. There were no articles about her achievements or performances or arrests or DUI’s or business dealings.

But it was around that time that Liz was attending an alternative school, the type, that according to one former student, had “movies” as a class, and beanbags instead of desks.

There’s no indication Liz was involved with the activities of the KGB, only that Avdzhyam was the one who connected her to Lembersky.

When Avdzhyam got caught, testified against the KGB and fled the country, Liz grew closer to Lembersky, whose organization was about to grow at a wild pace.

I was completely transparent about my feelings for Liz. I was the spiky-haired puppy that followed Liz around all day, despite that fact that she made it painfully clear that I didn’t stand a chance.

By the time fall came around, I’d almost accepted my disqualification from the race for Liz’s heart. I don’t remember much about that weekend, which six or so of us spent in the basement of Elle Goldberg, another friend from camp who was close with Liz.

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