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Don't expect love to be repaid with love until you are in that last stage, or you're asking to be hurt.As for actually attracting a girl, going into more detail would derail this even further, so I'll leave you this analogy: Think of it as a case of selling yourself.I've done more than my fair share of dating both online and offline, so I can share some insight.I cannot find a girlfriend because I am a geek, and there is no girl for me, because I am not interested in TV or local celebrities or sport.The online dating landscape continues to fragment, so there seems to be a site or three for every subculture, religion, or any other social division you can put a name to.

You've got the order jumbled up in that last bit.The most interesting people will be able to add something to almost any topic that comes up in a discussion, and they'll have a variety of perspectives to share.To make a very sweeping generalization, women (geeks and non-geeks) like men who are strong conversationalists.A downside to this fragmentation is that it encourages an antisocial atmosphere of tribal clique-ishness, which is more detrimental than helpful in dating.It's great to have an idea what you're attracted to, but it's very limiting to surround yourself with a single type of people and filter the rest away.

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