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Other skins can be downloaded in the community forums or found via a search for (Shareaza skin files) in the G2 network.The skins are zip archives, renamed with the extension .sks, containing icons and images, as well as an XML file which binds the images and colors with the GUI. The language files are XML files, like the normal skins, but not zipped.Shareaza can connect to gnutella, G2, e Donkey and Bit Torrent.Shareaza hashes its files for all networks, and then distributes those hash values on G2.Shareaza also uses its G2 network to find more sources for torrents.The Shareaza client has some basic content filters including a forced child and optional adult pornography filter, and some other optional filters such as a filter for files encumbered with Digital rights management (DRM).

Shareaza contains a built-in IRC (chat) client which allows users to communicate with each other.In mid-2002 Stokes released the first version of a gnutella client he had written and dubbed "Shareaza".It was from the beginning a client with the aim of having features other gnutella clients did not have.The filters are editable inside Shareaza, and can be exported from the application to be shared with others.Shareaza running in windowed mode with several activated skins.

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