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Natasha and Andrew break up and Natasha briefly dates Kyle Canning.

Natasha discovers that a student in her class is gay and tries to out them, the resulting rumours lead Chris to reveal he is gay.

Natasha gets into trouble with her father, Michael (Sandy Winton), after he finds out she lied by saying she was eighteen on the consent form.

He threatens to sue the station owner and Andrew's father, Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis).

I feel like I've just graduated from the university of acting."Valentina Novakovic, who plays Tash, was also happy with the final scenes.

She said: "Tash and Andrew decide first to go to Paris, where they plan to visit Summer, and then it's really a case of 'Who knows?

Novakovic stated that Natasha and Summer are "frenemies." The actress also explained that she finds playing Natasha challenging, as her persona is quite different from her own.

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Natasha models for a Pirate Net advertising campaign, where she meets Andrew Robinson and Summer Hoyland.

The schools English teacher, Libby Kennedy (Kym Valentine), discovers Natasha is hiding her maths skills and makes her join the Mathletes as a punishment.

Natasha wonders if Andrew is only with her because of her looks and she becomes insecure about their relationship.

Natasha casually dates Ivan De Marco (Ben Knight) and in a bid to appear more mature, she sends him naked photos of herself.

They are leaked, causing a scandal amongst Natasha's school friends.

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