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To declare that humans need deconditioning and that you or your organization are wise enough to know how we need to be re programmed is the height of surprises me that you say this given your experience with Buddhism. (perhaps the '60's idea of deconditioning comes from Zen.)I have devoted myself to deconditioning of myself.

to going as belief systems we grow up in prison, live in prison, often will never know that we do.

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Passport to the World was born of the desire to discover or rediscover a variety of world destinations, both known and unknown by the general public, by means of high-quality films presented in movie theatres.

Commitment to other people, being authentic, spreading the transformations of the Forum; testifying to the changes.

Browse the web with your students or make that remote tutoring session more productive than ever.

Be Enrolling: share your new possibilities in such a way that others are touched, moved and inspired.

"Be actively enrolling people in Landmark." (10)Fear of Risk- reason why people may take the Intro Forum but not sign up for advanced courses (11)Filters- Beliefs that cause you to judge people by the past.

I have done just about every course Landmark Education has to offer. I have been married for 17 years and have 3 beautiful children. There is nothing else I have done that has made as big a difference as the Landmark Forum.

My wife Sandy, was on paid staff with Landmark Education for four and a half years. The reason I have participated with Landmark Education for so long is because it works! I credit my marriage and successful family life in large part to the Landmark Forum.

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