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The selection of packages is targeting the application of analysis techniques.Methods developers are referred to the science-statistics, science-imageanalysis, science-numericalcomputation, med-imaging, and med-imaging-dev metapackages for a variety of additional software that might be useful for electrophysiology research.This task lists Debian Science packages which are dedicated to specific devices that are typically used in sciences.This might reach from scientific calculators or specific measurement devices.The selection of packages is targeting the complete frameworks for the design of BCI systems.Often such systems rely on external presentation, data collection and analysis software which could be found in science-neuroscience-cognitive, science-dataacquisition, data-machine-learning metapackages.

You might also be interested in the field::biology debtag.This metapackage will install Debian Science packages related to Chemistry.You might also be interested in the field::chemistry debtag and, depending on your focus, in the education-chemistry metapackage.It includes user-friendly programs for simulating and estimating macro-economic and micro-economic models.It also provides computing environments which can solve a wide range of problems typically encountered in economic research.

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