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the catch is that they're stuck with a script that prevents them from firing on all cylinders . that ultimately dulls the human tragedy at the story's core .

parker should be commended for taking a fresh approach to familiar material , but his determination to remain true to the original text leads him to adopt a somewhat mannered tone . with a tone as variable as the cinematography , schaeffer's film never settles into the light-footed enchantment the material needs , and the characters' quirks and foibles never jell into charm . jones , despite a definitely distinctive screen presence , just isn't able to muster for a movie that , its title notwithstanding , should have been a lot nastier if it wanted to fully capitalize on its lead's specific gifts .

even if the enticing prospect of a lot of nubile young actors in a film about campus depravity didn't fade amid the deliberate , tiresome ugliness , it would be rendered tedious by avary's failure to construct a story with even a trace of dramatic interest .

one can only assume that the jury who bestowed star hoffman's brother gordy with the waldo salt screenwriting award at 2002's sundance festival were honoring an attempt to do something different over actually pulling it offsex ironically has little to do with the story , which becomes something about how lame it is to try and evade your responsibilities and that you should never , ever , leave a large dog alone with a toddler .

the plot is nothing but boilerplate clichés from start to finish , and the script assumes that not only would subtlety be lost on the target audience , but that it's also too stupid to realize that they've already seen this exact same movie a hundred timeswatching harris ham it up while physically and emotionally disintegrating over the course of the movie has a certain poignancy in light of his recent death , but boyd's film offers little else of consequence .

'ejemplo de una cinta en que no importa el talento de su reparto o lo interesante que pudo haber resultado su premisa , pues el resultado es francamente aburrido y , por momentos , deplorable .

it throws quirky characters , odd situations , and off-kilter dialogue at us , all as if to say , " look at this ! " but the film itself is ultimately quite unengaging . this is the sort of low-grade dreck that usually goes straight to video --with a lousy script , inept direction , pathetic acting , poorly dubbed dialogue and murky cinematography , complete with visible boom mikes .

woo has as much right to make a huge action sequence as any director , but how long will filmmakers copy the " saving private ryan " battle scenes before realizing steven spielberg got it right the first time ? it won't harm anyone , but neither can i think of a very good reason to rush right out and see it .

despite a performance of sustained intelligence from stanford and another of subtle humour from bebe neuwirth , as an older woman who seduces oscar , the film founders on its lack of empathy for the social milieu - rich new york intelligentsia - and its off[p]artnering murphy with robert de niro for the tv-cops comedy showtime would seem to be surefire casting .with flashbulb editing as cover for the absence of narrative continuity , undisputed is nearly incoherent , an excuse to get to the closing bout . the cumulative effect of watching this 65-minute trifle is rather like being trapped while some weird relative trots out the video he took of the family vacation to stonehenge .before long , you're desperate for the evening to end .mattei's underdeveloped effort here is nothing but a convenient conveyor belt of brooding personalities that parade about as if they were coming back from stock character camp -- a drowsy drama infatuated by its own pretentious self-examination .the biggest problem with roger avary's uproar against the mpaa is that , even in all its director's cut glory , he's made a film that's barely shocking , barely interesting and most of all , barely anything .

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