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posted by | Leave a comment When you feel you are ready, move on to lesson 5. The ticket seller tells you, “Limang oras sa bus mula sa Subic Bay at sa Pagsajan Falls.” Pagsajan Falls is five hours by bus from Subic Bay. Alan’s Notes: You might want to read about Pagsanjan Falls on Wikipedia. Kumaliwa ka at makikita mo sa kanan mo ang Taal vista Lodge. Dumeretso ka roon mga dalawang kalye hanggang sa Mabini Avenue.” What did she say? Go straight ahead about two blocks until Mabini Avenue. Pagdating mo sa istasyon ng bus sa Tagaytay, dumeretso ka hanggang sa kanto. Hanggang sa muli – Abbreviation of “Hanggang sa muling pagkikita.” which means “Until we see each other again.” You ask for directions to a hotel and a police woman says “Sa kanto, kumanan ka. REPEAT sa istasyon ng bus sa istasyon ng bus ang pagpunta ang pagpunta sa istasyon ng bus ang pagpunta sa istasyon ng bus paano po ba paano po ba Paano po ba ang pagpunta sa istasyon ng bus? Listen Paano po ba ang pagpunta sa istasyon ng bus? On your left, you’ll see the bus station.) Sa kantong ito, kumanan ka. On your left, you’ll see the bus station.) Bob: Gaano kalayo rito ang istasyon?

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On the street, Bob asks a man for directions to the bus station. The mark over the second “a” indicates that the vowel is cut short or stopped (which is known as a ‘glottal stop’) Listen Mama REPEAT Mama Mama Maari po bang magtanong? Magtanong Magtanong “May I..” is “maaari po bang..” REPEAT Maaari po bang..

Alan’s Notes on the Conversation: Mama is a polite term used to address a man whose name you don’t know. (Rizal Avenue is close, five minutes by jeepney.) Malayo ang U. It was renamed to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). isa (1) dalawa (2) tatlo (3) apat (4) lima (5) anim (6) pito (7) walo (8) siyam (9) sampu (10) labing-isa (11) labindalawa (12) labintatlo (13) labing-apat (14) labinlima (15) labing-anim (16) labimpito (17) labingwalo (18) labinsiyam (19) Now, let’s learn the numbers twenty to sixty. REPEAT dalawampu dalawampu “Twenty-one” is “dalawampu’t isa“. kotse (car) minibus (minibus) bus (bus) bapor (ship) traysikol (motorcycle with a side-car) kalesa (horse-drawn carriage for two people) karetela (horse-drawn carriage for six people) bangka (boat) lantsa (motorboat, launch) taksi (taxi) eroplano (airplane) doboldeker (double-deck bus) erkonbus (air-conditioned bus) Say the following phrases in English. (Three days by motorboat.) Limang oras sa eroplano. (Thirty minutes by taxi.) Limangpung minuto sa kotse. (Sixteen hours by bus from here.) Mga disisiyete kilometro hanggang doon. (Turn left and go straight ahead about three blocks.) Kumanan ka sa Taft Avenue at dumeretso ka hanggang Pedro Street.

(Baguio is far, four hours by car.) Malapit ang Rizal Avenue, limang minuto sa dyip. (Source: MIA: Manila International Airport is the old name for the main airport in Manila. (22) dalawamput’ siyam (29) tatlumpu (30) tatlumpu’t isa (31) tatlumpu’t walo (38) apatnapu (40) apatnapu’t lima (45) apatnapu’t pito (47) apatnapu’t siyam (49) limampu (50) limampu’t tatlo (53) limampu’t apat (54) limampu’t siyam (59) animnapu (60) Let’s practice the names of various kinds of transportation in the Philippines. (Twenty minutes by jeepney.) Tatlong minuto sa taksi. (Twenty minutes from here.) Disisais or as sa bus mula rito. (Go straight ahead for two blocks.) Kumaliwa ka at dumeretso ka na mga tatlong kalye.

For example, mag-shopping (go shopping); mag-swimming (go swimming), etc. sa kaliwa mo (on your left) NAMIN: We, our, us (excluding the person spoken to) Nakatira sa Olongapo ang kaibigan namin, si Pedro. Folk Art Theater Gaano kalayo ang Folk Art Theater?

You can put it in front of many English words and you will be understood. Olongapo city hall Gaano kalayo ang Olongapo City Hall? About one hour by bus.) Malapit ba ang Binictican dito?

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