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The ranking lasted until 2005 so the radiostation started broadcasting more classic music, specially from the 80's.

In 2002, the website of the radiostation premiered, where the audience could get some information about the latest music and artists, play games online, laugh with some humorous sketchs and specially, vote for songs for any ranking that were set to be played on the radio.

In the middle of 2008 the weekly countdowns were back but for this time as "La Esencia de la Semana" ("The Essence of the Week") where it broadcast the most ordered songs from the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, as well as some new songs.

This weekly countdown lasted until the end of February 2009.

Then by May 2004, the radiostation also had a direct competence which was Oxígeno 102.1 FM, a brand-new station of then which played the same format on.

From 1998, the radiostation decided to innovate with the entry of more DJ's who will form the group, such in sound support, production and contents.

The website of Z Rock & Pop was changed from so it matches with the other links of the other stations in the same company.

As a result of that, on 1 March some Z Rock & Pop's subsidiary stations were replaced by a Cumbia radiostation "La Karibeña", causing depression to the "fanatics" who loved the good music because Z was the only station which difussionated Rock & Pop music.

The first DJ's staff was formed with Juan Carlos Hurtado, Ninoska Cuba, Coco Valderrama, Arturo Otoya, Juan Vargas and Luigi Santana.

The radiostation became competitor of Stereo 100, which played on the classic format; and of Studio 92 and Radio América 94.3 FM for the latest and the best in music.

At the end of August of that year, the DJ's Juan Carlos Hurtado, Ninoska and Coco Valderrama left Z Rock & Pop to appear on other broadcasting stations.

Although it only focused on 1980s music, Z Rock & Pop also played some songs of the moment between 20 such as the following: Muse - Uprising In November 2007, some DJ's of the recently disappeared Radio A became part of Z Rock & Pop such as Karla Fernández, Marco Antonio Vásquez and the return of the DJ's Hibar Saldaña (who went back to the radiostation after 7 months) and Michael Phun, who was back on Z Rock & Pop after 5 years.

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