Sharepoint event receiver itemupdating beforeproperties

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SPEvent Receiver Definition has a Synchronization property.An Asynchronous event passes the objects to another thread and you lose the Before Properties and After Properties.But i got something different and more important thing about the Item Updating event from the comment given by Ray Proffitt, he given some more interesting thing about SPEvent Receivers in he introduced a new option to us, which is defining Synchronization property in the file of event receiver solution.Points to be noted: Anyway the proper way of doing things is real simple, and I stumbled upon it using Powershell to check my event receivers.

In my case after specifying the event receiver as Synchronous I was able to compare existing values with values in properties.So, if we go back to our original problem listed above.How can we prevent a user from changing a certain column for an item in a list event?These can apply to Feature events such as Feature Activated, List events such as Field Added, and many others.The most common set of receivers used, however, are part of SPItem Event Receiver which let you wire your code up to a number of events that can occur to items on a list or library.

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