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Film starts dipping after 15 minutes of beginning and finally sinks.

Despite its negatives, “Vishwaroopam” never ceases to become anything less than a wildly entertaining, technical-dazzler of a film which grabs you by the eyeballs and lets go only when it wishes to.The terrorist camps are annoyingly not fastidious in their treatment though Haasan, also the writer and director of the film, stealthily sneaks in some genuinely moving moments, like a young terrorist swaying on the swing with a longing for his lost childhood.Cinematographer Sanu Varghese beautifully captures the ominous landscapes with an eye of a poet and the tastefully done action sequences are sure to earn a few hurrays.According to traders, tickets at some of the popular multiplexes were sold within a few hours for the first weekend.Especially, the evening shows on the release day and the weekends tickets were in huge demand and the Kamal fans have pressed in the theatres to have more shows in the first weekend to meet the demand by giving massive response for the advance booking.

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