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But even the faces you’ve forgot from Rick’s (much larger) group in the first season of the hit series will be counted among who dies in The Walking Dead. No, well you will soon.) Third, even though we’re inching toward a philosophical debate here, we’re including characters who have turned into zombies in this list of who dies on The Walking Dead.While the walkers aren’t technically dead — there’s a reason zombies are called the un-dead — they’re no longer the character you got to know throughout the show. In fact, in an IMDB poll Glenn was voted top three most popular character in the series–and I can see why!He wasn’t just thrown in there as “the token Asian guy,” he’s a character with real depth, emotion and struggle. Well, if producers and creators are to be believed, everyone — eventually.

My best friend sent me a clip of Conan O’Brien and an Asian guy named Steven Yeun going to a Korean spa in Los Angeles.

While it seems like the zombie genre has all but been done over time and time again, this show brings a cast of characters so likable, despicable, dark and deep that you can’t help but wonder how it’s all going to end.

Either way, it makes me happy to see an Asian-American not only featured in popular western media, but also tearing down stereotypes and opening doors for even more Asian actors to appear on the big screen.

Even when I type ‘walking dead’ into Google, Maggie’s name automatically pops up following Glenn: The Walking Dead: A Good Show, But Not For Everyone I’ve been raving about this show and Glenn for the last 650 words, but unfortunately I can’t recommend it to everyone.

It’s quite violent and it’s not exactly a mood booster.

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