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In the year 1956 the Walther PPk was introduced by the Bundeswehr as pistol P 21.First of all the pilots of the Bundesluftwaffe ( Airforce ) have equipped with it.There is no closed run of serial numbers so you can find the DURAL PPks in a serial range from # 502758 made in 12/56 to 504600 made in 4/57 ( D. All PPks made in the period from 1954 to 1985 were produced by the French factory Manurhin in Mulhouse, Alsace even when they are marked “Made in Germany”. Etienne proof house is shown on the rhs of the slide.

Please contact Smith & Wesson at 1-8 or [email protected] you suspect your Walther PPK or PPK/S may have a defective hammer block.All PPks were delivered usually with the well known Walther standard Box. Some mag pouches are showing the Nato number ink stamped inside. Fritz Shown here is a very rare shoulder holster from a test series ( Clauberg& CO, Solingen 10 / 59 ) and a Theuermann holster ( R. Strange enough the leather is accepted like a wartime production. Well, this is the end and I hope that you like this posting.The shown one is a speciall box from the storage for a possible later use in crisis situations Steel frame PPks are found within a serial range from 107194 ( 11/56 ) to 157640 ( 10/63 ). Fritz Here you can see the changing of the mag stampings from early ( 1957 ) to late ( 1962 ). We found this pouches with or without manufacturer marking. Please note that in one case the produktion date was restamped and that late made holsters are showing a manufacturer code. Fritz Fritz, An absolutely great presentation that I happened upon while looking through this site.Early: full Nato number, mid: changed and shortened Nato number, late: without Nato number In the early sixties the Nato number (Versorgungsnummer ) has been omitted. I am also very happy to report that I acquired one of these holsters a couple of Louisville shows ago.Versorgungsnummer 1005 - 12 - 120 0894 indicates the spare mag ... It still has the evidence of where the "sticker" was on the back. I had no idea I was buying such a rare holster, and I only bought it because it was almost an exact replica of the Theuermann drop holsters. Thanks, Richard Finally I can close the P21 story with another variation.

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